September 27, 2022
Can we fight inflation?

American markets continue to collapse, and it’s understandable, Powell has arranged a clear agenda for everyone – money will rise in price while inflation is high! What should happen in order for inflation to stop – raw materials should collapse, the cost of production should fall, sales in all segments slow down – in fact, stop consumption.

Energy markets have heard the signal. Oil and gas prices have already fallen, and most goods have plummeted – metals, grains, soybeans, everything – the fight against inflation is in full swing.

Yes, you mostly don’t notice it in everyday life, but central banks are fighting an unreal battle, we’ll see how it ends.

Will the crisis end? Yes, of course, the question is with what losses, and which sectors will die, like, for example, the auto sector in the USA after 2008, or a bunch of companies and online stores after the dotcom crisis! But it will definitely pass.