November 10, 2022
The crypto market turned red

The crypt turned sharply red when no one was expecting it! It would seem that bitcoin and the crypto market stood like a stone in a sideways movement and the funds looked stronger. Why was there a sharp exit down?

  1. There is a strong manipulation by system players: binance wants to absorb FTX and do it cheaply. It is desirable that investors would pay them extra for this.
  2. This should have happened systematically, accumulations are strong, and going down looked more logical.
  3. In the absence of liquidity, the crypt cannot grow contrary to the markets. Everything in the financial system is connected so far! Until the fed softens the rhetoric and gives liquidity, it will be difficult for the crypt to grow on a broad front. Yes, private ideas will take off, and there will be more and more of them. But, globally, while there is no fuel, this rocket will not fly up.

To sum up, the crypt has naturally adjusted, bitcoin has only 20% left to fall before targets, and then it will be possible to make a decision about purchases.