May 6, 2024

Gold: Investment Insights and Market Trends

he fifteen-year history of gold trading provides valuable lessons about the dynamics of this asset. Analyzing its trajectory offers insights into its behavior and investment potential over time. Historical Gold Prices The gold market has witnessed fluctuations over the past decade, with prices ranging from $1600 to $1800 in 2010. Despite modest growth since then, >>>

May 2, 2024

David Svoboda about fed meeting

I would like to state that yesterday’s press conference was one of the calmer ones and delivered, more or less, exactly what the market was expecting. Luckily, fears of a hawkish shift in the Fed’s policy did not materialize. Powell maintained his status quo. The current state is: a resilient labor market and sideways-moving inflation. I believe that unless there is >>>

April 30, 2024

Making sense of a wrong-way bet on the yen

Among the largest developed-market peers, the Japanese currency has lost the most against the dollar this year. Many analysts expected that 2024 would be a turning point for the yen after a three-year decline in the currency against the dollar. According to Bloomberg forecasts, the yen was expected to strengthen from 141 yen against the >>>

April 29, 2024

Five Innovative Ideas for Asset Tokenization

Asset tokenization transforms the value of physical and non-physical assets into digital tokens, potentially revolutionizing investment opportunities across various sectors. From sports to music, and even winemaking, the possibilities are endless. Here are five original concepts that could change the landscape of asset investment through tokenization: 1. Tokenizing Athletic Achievements Imagine investing in the potential >>>

April 24, 2024

Cocoa powder has risen in price to $ 10,000 due to a shortage, which leads to a steady increase in prices

Futures prices have more than doubled this year, reaching an all-time high, as crop failures among key West African producers have led to a supply shortage in the world for the third year in a row. The market is struggling with the effects of low profits paid to cocoa farmers, and fears are growing that >>>

March 23, 2024

The EU’s Covid-19 Recovery Fund Did Not Work as Expected

Three years have passed since the activation of the European Union’s post-coronavirus pandemic recovery fund. The multi-year budget, worth $897 billion or 5.2% of the bloc’s GDP in 2022, is financed through EU debt. Funds are still being disbursed, making it difficult to measure the economic effect. Experts also have not reached a consensus on the fund’s intended purpose. >>>